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Episode 99 | Season of Advent - HOPE

This week Jen has a special guest joining her. Welcome Sarah Grace Montgomery to the first in a series on Advent. We begin with HOPE

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Episode 98 | The Problem with Yelling

Jen discusses 3 types of yelling she notices and the perception and feelings of others when they are being yelled at.

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Episode 97 | The Power of Parentships

In this episode Jen discusses what she calls 'Parentships' and why she believe they are something every parent should have.

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Episode 96 | Unconditional Love

In this episode Jen continues her conversation with Thomas Lynch. This week he has a word of gratitude and has a good reminder for parents.

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Episode 95 | Judgment, Worth and Shame

In today's episode Jen reminds us that our worth is in God and that we need to kick judgment and shame to the curb.

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Episode 94 | Team Parenting with Thomas Lynch

In today's episode, Jen welomes one of her former youth, Thomas Lynch! Thomas is a 26 year old living in Greenville, South Carolina and he chats with Jen about the things his parents passed down to him and what made their brand of parenting particularly special.


Episode 93 | Sabbath & Worth

Today, Jen comes to us on the heels of a conference for ministers that offers them a chance to cultivate wholeness and rest for themselves as a way to better serve their churches. Coming out of that space, she offers some insight she's had through the words of Katy Stenta about how Jesus rested and continues to encourage us to rest. 

If you'd like to read more of Katy's work, you can check her out at https://katyandtheword.com 


Episode 92 | Trust with CeCe Armstrong

Today, Jen welcomes Rev. CeCe Armstrong from St. James Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC. CeCe shares the way her own faith has intersected with her decisions around keeping children safe and heatlhy during this back-to-school time. While everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinions, CeCe's view rests in trust and, specifically, her trust in God.

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Episode 91 | Prayer for Afghanistan

Today, Jen takes a different route and shares a hymn-prayer with us. The Rev. Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, a Presbyterian hymn-writer and the parish associate at First Presbyterian Union Church in Owego, New York, has written new lyrics to an old hymn for the people of Afghanistan. This hymn-prayer is sung to you today with extra verses written and added by Leigh Thomas Brown from North Carolina.


Epsidoe 90 | Responding to the Pain

Today, Jen talks about how, historically, some voices of faith have used their words, actions, and even the Bible to cause pain. Thinking on this history, she offers a time of reflection for us to consider how our words and actions may be unknowingly affecting those around us.


Episode 89 | Being a Dad with Michael Court

In today's episode, Jen sits down for a conversation with Court Michael. Court is a member of Second Presbyterian Church and a dad to three little ones. Jen is always in awe of Court's parenting skills and took the time today to talk with Court about what motivates him to be the best dad he can be and some of the ways he builds trust and honesty into the relationship he has with his kiddos.


Episode 88 | Authenticity

In today's episode, Jen welcomes special guests "Joseph" and "John" talk about authenticity and the support we need to stay authentic to others and to ourselves. 


Episode 87 | The Transformative Faith of a 4 Year Old

Today, Jen recounts watching a child's conversation with an adult at a conference she attended recently. Watching this child's joy, wonder, love, and faith had Jen thinking more and more about what our children can teach us too.


Episode 86 | Developmental Stages with Dr. Tina

Today's episode is part two to Jen and Dr. Tina's conversation on sex and sexuality. We're going back to children with this episode and discussing the "100 one minute conversations" parents need to be having with their kids as they grow into their bodies and this world. To learn more about Dr. Tina, check out the bio in Episode 85 or the resources listed below.


Dr. Tina's website: https://www.tinaschermersellers.com

Dr. Tina's book, "Shameless Parenting": https://www.tinaschermersellers.com/books


Episode 85 | Redefining Sex & Sexuality with Dr. Tina

Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers (a PhD in Clinical Sexology, an M.S. in Marriage & Family Therapy, a B.S. in Education, a certified Sex Therapist and Sex Therapy Supervisor, as well as being a speaker, author, mother, and wife) wears a LOT of hats! In this episode, Dr. Tina and Jen talk openly about one thing parents often have a hard time talking about…their own sex lives. They ask if you and your partner are talking about what sex is worth having? Are you having connection and pleasure when you come together? What does sex look like for you now? And how can you make love in other ways?

Our episodes in the Sexuality Series up until this point have largely focused on our kiddos. This episode challenges parents to redefine sex and sexuality within themselves and their relationship. Many anatomical terms will be used during this episode. Please be aware in case you often listen to Parents Take Five episodes with or around your children. 

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Episode 84 | Shame & Questions with Shannon Guse

As we continue our series on faith, family, and sexuality, we are so happy to welcome Shannon Guse to the podcast! Shannon has served at Faith Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee, FL for 14 years doing youth and young adult ministry. She has a degree in health science education from the University of Florida and has her own experience with teaching faith and sexuality as she raised her, now 17 and 20 year old, children.


Episode 83 | Top Five with Sophie Maness

We're so happy to welcome Sophie Maness back to the podcast! Sophie is the Director of Christian Education at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN. She is a certified christian educator with a Masters in Christian Education and uses that knowledge to lead workshops centered on faith and sexuality with parents and children alike. Sophie joined us for episode seventeen back in the day to chat about sexuality and faith and today she comes bearing even more knowledge on what she finds to be the top five most important parts of conversation on faith and sexuality. 



Episode 82 | Sexuality Series

Today, Jen introduces the sexuality series Parents Take Five will be covering over the next few episodes. Jen will bring a few different people on who are going to talk us through how sexuality, faith, and family intersect throughout different stages of our kiddo's development. These episodes will include language that you may not be comfortable with your children hearing so please be aware of that if you often listen with your little ones. 



Episode 81 | Acknowledging Trauma in Kids with Greg Allen-Pickett

Greg Allen-Pickett serves as the senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Hastings, Nebraska. Greg has an amazing partner in ministry in his wife, Jessica, and a gregarious and compassionate daughter in elementary school. They are loving life in central Nebraska with their ridiculous beagador dog named Luna.Today, Greg and Jen talk about ways we can acknowledge trauma and big emotions in our kids. He talks through some of the ways he and his daughter have processed his father's death together and how that's helped them both grieve in a healthy way.

Colorful I Am Bigger Than My Fears Squar

Episode 80 | Fear

Today, Jen sits in a bit of vulnerability. We all experience fear. Fear of not being good enough, smart enough, not doing things right. And, while we teach our kiddos they're good and smart and enough, sometimes we can forget what Scripture says to us adults about it as well.


Episode 79 | Talking to Kids About God with Paul Pastor

Paul J. Pastor is a writer, editor, and wilderness lover who lives in the woods near Portland, OR with his wife and three kids. His award-winning writing on Christian spirituality is widely recognized for its beauty and insight. He loves good questions (especially ones about God), big stories, and the holy wonder of living.

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Episode 78 | Staring or Caring

Today, Jen tells a story of a recent flight she was on and a struggling mom and son. This story, like so many that happen every day around us, reminded her of something the Bible tries to teach us about truly caring for those around us.


Episode 77 | Watering the Grass with Jerusalem Greer

Today's episode is part two of Jen's conversation with Jerusalem Greer. To see more about Jerusalem and her life, check out episode 76, "Happiness vs. Wholeness with Jerusalem Greer".


Episode 76 | Happiness vs. Wholeness with Jerusalem Greer

In today's episode, Jen welcomes author, parent who's survived those kiddo and teen years, and Episcopal minister, Jerusalem Greer. Jerusalem provides some golden nuggets in this episode so make sure to turn that volume up! She reminds us that, while this pandemic is harsh, "generations upon generations upon generations have weathered worse" and we can do hard things. There are things we can't (and maybe shouldn't) get our kids out of but that doesn't make us bad parents. That makes us more concerned about their wholeness than their happiness. 

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Episode 75 | International Women's Month with Gigi

On today's episode we recognize International Women's Month with a conversation between Jen and her Gigi! This is such a special episode for Jen as she gets to talk parenting with one of the people who spent a ton of time helping to parent her growing up.

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Episode 74 | Hands-On Spiritual Growth with Joelle Brummit-Yale

Life comes with a lot of interruptions. Interruptions as momentary and harmless as a kiddo who keeps asking what's for dinner in the middle of a grown-up conversation to interruptions as long-lasting and deeply impactful as the onset of an illness. In today's episode, Jen reminds us that scripture is full of these interruptions and gives us a deep hope in the midst of them.


Episode 73 | Two Years of Parents Take Five

Happy anniversary to Parents Take Five! It's been two whole years, 730 days, of editing podcasts, talking to guests, belly laughs, and deep recognition of our mistakes. Jen cannot thank you all enough for your support in this community so, as a token of her appreciation, here's a look back at some of the best moments and bloopers of the past two years.

Make sure to listen all the way to the end of the episode for a surprise addition that even our host, Rev. Jen, didn't know about. 


Episode 72 | Holy Ordinary Time
with Jocelyn Wildhack

In today's episode, Jen joins Ferncliff's Chaplain and Camp Director Jocelyn Wildhack to talk about the resources Ferncliff has been offering families so that overworked, pandemic-era parents aren't carrying the brunt of faith formation and entertainment of their kiddos all by themselves. Jocelyn spends her time at work sending worshippers on scavenger hunts, fills hundreds of boxes with sparkly pipe cleaners, and makes sure that no camper gets left behind.

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Episode 71

Life comes with a lot of interruptions. Interruptions as momentary and harmless as a kiddo who keeps asking what's for dinner in the middle of a grown-up conversation to interruptions as long-lasting and deeply impactful as the onset of an illness. In today's episode, Jen reminds us that scripture is full of these interruptions and gives us a deep hope in the midst of them.


Episode 70 | The Joy of Play with Coach Ryan Pt. 2

Ryan Stallings (a.k.a. Coach Ryan) has been coaching youth sports for the past fifteen years, ranging from flag football and baseball to basketball and soccer. For more information on Ryan's background, check out the bio of Episode 69.

In this second part to Coach Ryan and Rev. Jen's conversation, Ryan talks about ways he keeps the parents and players in a positive mindset and ​how he uses critical thinking to help his young players always look for growth.

*This episode was recorded before COVID-19 hit home for the United States in March of 2020. 


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