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Episode 117 - You Matter

This one is tough. you matter.

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Episode 116 - You Are Necessary

Jen is back this week with Lauren Graeber. We got her back for a second episode and the conversation was too rich to cut anything out. So this week you get 3 times the amount of conversation than the average episode! We hope you enjoy!

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Episode 115 - Mother's Day

In this episode Jen is discussing Mother's Day with a note from a listener and some advice on how she believes a parent should actually spend their big day.

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Episode 114 - The Parents Are Not OK

Today Jen is talking with Lauren Graeber about why parents haven't brought their kids back to church yet.
Lauren Graeber sometimes teaches writing and does a little writing herself in publications like Word and Way and EcoTheo Review. EVERY day she walks her dog and wrangles her kids. She's the Co-Director of the Center for Prayer and Spirituality in High Point, NC where she teaches workshops on writing as a spiritual practice and is still navigating what it means to have an MDiv and be a minister without being clergy. She can be found on Instagram @definitelysometimes making notes about parenting, our ridiculous world, and the shenanigans of faith.
Link to article talked about today: https://wordandway.org/2022/02/22/the-parents-who-used-to-come-to-your-church-are-not-okay/

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Episode 113 - it is a Good Friday

It is a Good Friday. And from here how does it look to the family to live as a resurrected, grateful people, today? And what is to come?

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Episode 112 - Parenting Through Adulthood

Jen is back with Bruce Reyes-Chow today. They are discussing parenting up to and through adulthood. Bruce can be found on most social networks via @breyeschow


Episode 111 - It's Cool to Be Kind

Jen is talking with Bruce Reyes Chow this week all about kindness and parenting. Listen now for some pointers.

Bruce is an author, speaker, parent, consultant, coach, podcaster, and pastor. He speaks and writes on issues of faith, technology, race, parenting, and church culture. Over the past 25 years, he has pastored five churches in the San Francisco Bay Area serving as a head of staff, transitional, and founding pastor. He is currently a Senior Consultant and Leadership Coach with The Convergence Network and is a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach. 
Bruce hosts the podcast, BRC & Friends and is the author of five books. His latest is, “In Defense of Kindness” (Chalice Press, 2021) and he is currently working on his next book, “Everything I Believe about God” ( 2023)
He and his spouse currently live in San Jose, CA and can be found on most social networks via @breyeschow.

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Episode 110 - Big Feelings, Healthy Coping

Today’s episode has a slightly different focus than usual. Jen is here to share with you some of the new resources available to you as you faithfully parent and for church leadership helping others navigate parenthood.

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Episode 109 - Lenten Journey

This week Jen is talking with Kelly Fitzgerald about Lent and the struggles we as parents can have with these 40 days in the Christian calendar. 

Reverend Kelly Fitzgerald is a liturgical enthusiast. She believes the church year is a great foundation for the rhythms of both church and home life. She lives in Sarasota, FL reveling in God's handiwork with each glorious sunset. She is also a mom to three girls that challenge every notion she had of Christian education and youth ministry she ever had.

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Episode 108 | Memories and Growing Forward

It's the 3 year anniversary of Parents Take Five and in this episode Jen takes a walk down memory lane.

"I have learned so much from listeners, guests, and the many parents and church workers that I’ve met as a result. It offers a place to be authentic by sharing my own parenting struggles as we attempt to model faithful discipleship." -Rev. Jen Evans

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Episode 107 | Super Bowl. How about Souper Bowl

Jen is here this week to talk about the Souper Bowl of Caring and one way we can live out Micah 6:8.

"He has told you, O mortal, what is good;
    and what does the Lord require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
    and to walk humbly with your God?"

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Episode 106 | Middle School, Eh?

Middle schoolers. Need I saw more? J/K. This week Jen is back with Brian Wallace and they are discussing the joys of raising middle schoolers and things to do to help them thrive.

Brian is the primary presbytery staff liaison for congregations in the North Branch and East Branch of the Pittsburgh Presbytery, Administrative Commission for Transformation,  Commission on Preparation for MinistryNew Worshiping Communities Commission, and Next Generation Ministry Team, as well as overseeing areas of children & youth ministries. He's here to talk about continuing to parent through this pandemic.

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Episode 105 | Let's Set the Bar Low

This week Jen has guest Brian Wallace with her. Brian is the primary presbytery staff liaison for congregations in the North Branch and East Branch of the Pittsburgh Presbytery, Administrative Commission for Transformation,  Commission on Preparation for MinistryNew Worshiping Communities Commission, and Next Generation Ministry Team, as well as overseeing areas of children & youth ministries. He's here to talk about continuing to parent through this pandemic.

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Episode 104 | The Grace, Tell, Love Effect

Jen is back this week and is talking about deepening relationships with those we love. It is hard but can truly be worth the work.

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Episode 103 | Grief

In this episode Sarah Grace Montgomery and Rich Evans (Jen's partner) fill in. Jen experienced a sudden loss. Her father passed away over the Christmas holiday and so Sarah Grace and Rich discuss grief and a few resources for kids and adults alike who may also be experiencing a loss. 
Resources discussed in this episode:
The Next Place by Warren Hanson
The Invisible String by Patrice Karst


Episode 102 | Season of Advent - JOY

This week we have the last in our advent series. Jen and guest Sarah Grace Montgomery talk about where they find Joy is this advent season.


Episode 101 | Season of Advent - LOVE

In the third in the series, guest Sarah Grace Montgomery and Jen discuss Love within Advent. Let's light the Love candle.


Episode 100 | Season of Advent - PEACE

In this weeks episode, Sarah Grace Montgomery is back with Jen to continue the series on Advent. This week they are discussing Peace.

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Episode 99 | Season of Advent - HOPE

This week Jen has a special guest joining her. Welcome Sarah Grace Montgomery to the first in a series on Advent. We begin with HOPE

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Episode 98 | The Problem with Yelling

Jen discusses 3 types of yelling she notices and the perception and feelings of others when they are being yelled at.

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Episode 97 | The Power of Parentships

In this episode Jen discusses what she calls 'Parentships' and why she believe they are something every parent should have.

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Episode 96 | Unconditional Love

In this episode Jen continues her conversation with Thomas Lynch. This week he has a word of gratitude and has a good reminder for parents.

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Episode 95 | Judgment, Worth and Shame

In today's episode Jen reminds us that our worth is in God and that we need to kick judgment and shame to the curb.

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Episode 94 | Team Parenting with Thomas Lynch

In today's episode, Jen welomes one of her former youth, Thomas Lynch! Thomas is a 26 year old living in Greenville, South Carolina and he chats with Jen about the things his parents passed down to him and what made their brand of parenting particularly special.


Episode 93 | Sabbath & Worth

Today, Jen comes to us on the heels of a conference for ministers that offers them a chance to cultivate wholeness and rest for themselves as a way to better serve their churches. Coming out of that space, she offers some insight she's had through the words of Katy Stenta about how Jesus rested and continues to encourage us to rest. 

If you'd like to read more of Katy's work, you can check her out at https://katyandtheword.com 


Episode 92 | Trust with CeCe Armstrong

Today, Jen welcomes Rev. CeCe Armstrong from St. James Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC. CeCe shares the way her own faith has intersected with her decisions around keeping children safe and heatlhy during this back-to-school time. While everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinions, CeCe's view rests in trust and, specifically, her trust in God.

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Episode 91 | Prayer for Afghanistan

Today, Jen takes a different route and shares a hymn-prayer with us. The Rev. Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, a Presbyterian hymn-writer and the parish associate at First Presbyterian Union Church in Owego, New York, has written new lyrics to an old hymn for the people of Afghanistan. This hymn-prayer is sung to you today with extra verses written and added by Leigh Thomas Brown from North Carolina.


Epsidoe 90 | Responding to the Pain

Today, Jen talks about how, historically, some voices of faith have used their words, actions, and even the Bible to cause pain. Thinking on this history, she offers a time of reflection for us to consider how our words and actions may be unknowingly affecting those around us.


Episode 89 | Being a Dad with Michael Court

In today's episode, Jen sits down for a conversation with Court Michael. Court is a member of Second Presbyterian Church and a dad to three little ones. Jen is always in awe of Court's parenting skills and took the time today to talk with Court about what motivates him to be the best dad he can be and some of the ways he builds trust and honesty into the relationship he has with his kiddos.


Episode 88 | Authenticity

In today's episode, Jen welcomes special guests "Joseph" and "John" talk about authenticity and the support we need to stay authentic to others and to ourselves. 


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