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Extra Resources

One of the things Jen knows (from experience) that all parents all the help they can get. This is a space where Jen herself shares articles and tips she finds on how to get through the beautiful mess that is parenting.


5 Ways to Grow Grateful Kids

Check out this article on five great ways families can practice gratitude together from The Network:


We had Kami Tran on as a guest for episode 21 "Rupture & Repair with Kami Tran" and I found this article that she wrote to be particularly helpful as well! Check it out...

How to Give Yourself Rest in a Productivity-Driven World


This was an image we shared on the Parents Take Five Facebook page in July as families started making decisions about how to tackle the school year ahead. Even now, as we muddle through the fall and winter months, this is relevant. 

Every decision is difficult and we only know the variables that effect our own decisions. Let's keep practicing grace and understanding as we all make those not-so-easy decisions for our children and our families. 


"Feeling a bit like a disaster these days? It's okay.
God loves a hot mess."

Thank you, Anne Russ, for the reminder.
Click the links below to read a timely blessing from Anne and to check out her website, Doubting Believer.


A Desperate Mothers' Prayer

A little joy for your day because sometimes all we can do is pray, laugh, and cry.