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Episode 128 | Care Tasks

Jen is talking with Rev. Eliza Jaremko this week. They are talking about her Presbyterian Outlook article 'Books we love: How to Keep House While Drowning'. In the article Eliza shares how she is learning to keep house like Mary and Martha.

Rev. Eliza C. Jaremko is the Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Haddon Heights, NJ, where she has served for over 10 years. She is currently the Moderator Elect for the Presbytery FOR Southern New Jersey and co-chair of the Vital Congregations initiative. With a passion for serving God through writing, Eliza is a regular contributor to the Presbyterian Outlook's Voices Blog (https://pres-outlook.org/author/jaremko-eliza/), and blogs about her chaotic and funny, yet always blessed, life as a pastor, wife, and mom of 2 littles at ReverendMama.com

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"Y’all, I got to chat with Jen Evans of the podcast Parents Take Five and it was the LOVELIEST conversation.

We started with the article I wrote for Word and Way about parents a while back, but then y’all we drifted in the best way. Jen, like me, loves her some church and church people."

Lauren Graeber

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